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It can be difficult to continue working as you advance in your pregnancy. If you are currently pregnant, you may experience uncomfortable physical symptoms on the job, you may need to attend several doctors’ appointments, and you may even need special accommodations. As an employee, you deserve to work in a safe and fair work environment that promotes a healthy pregnancy. If you believe that you have experienced adverse treatment by your employer due to your pregnancy, you have every right to fight the discrimination with the aid of a Virginia Beach pregnancy discrimination attorney.

Protections for Pregnant Workers

Do you believe that you may have been rejected as a job applicant, overlooked for a promotion, denied benefits, or terminated due to your pregnancy? If so, you should know that these are examples of pregnancy discrimination, a specific type of sex discrimination. In fact, thousands of pregnancy discrimination cases are filed annually with the federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission with the help of competent pregnancy discrimination attorneys.

Under the federal Pregnancy Discrimination Act of 1978, employers with 15 or more employees must treat all employees fairly, regardless of whether one is pregnant. This means that your boss cannot fire you or cut your hours when he or she discovers that you are pregnant or about to become pregnant. You have the right to retain your job so long as you are able to do it. You also have the right to be free from harassment due to your pregnancy. In addition, it is also illegal for a prospective employer to ask about your pregnancy or any plans you may have about having children in a job interview.

Virginia’s Human Rights Act also prohibits discrimination based on pregnancy status. Under this law, pregnant women and women giving birth must be treated the same as employees with similar abilities. Both laws provide that employers must accommodate workers who are pregnant the same as they would for workers who experience other disabilities. These laws do not provide more rights for pregnant workers; rather, they attempt to ensure that pregnant workers will be given the same opportunities as others who have a temporary disability that prevents them from performing certain activities. Some pregnancy-related conditions may also be protected by the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Everyone deserves a fair workplace where they feel comfortable and safe. If you believe you are being treated unfavorably due to your pregnancy, you may benefit from learning more about your legal rights. If you are an employer seeking to adopt more inclusive human relations practices, you may also benefit from working with an attorney who can ensure that your Human Resources policies are in compliance with the law. Speak with the compassionate and determined attorneys at Bertini Law to discuss your case by calling (757) 222-9165 or contacting us online.

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