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Virginia employees enjoy several protections against unfair treatment by their employers. Both federal and state laws grant certain employee rights; among the most fundamental of which are the right to fair compensation and freedom from discrimination. These apply to every aspect of employment, including termination. While employees at private companies generally work “at will,” they still have basic protections to guard them against wrongful termination. If you believe you have been fired unlawfully, speak with a Virginia Beach wrongful termination attorney to discuss ways to resolve your case.

At-Will Employment

Virginia is an employment-at-will state. When an employee works “at will,” it means that the employer may choose to end the employment for any reason, including no reason at all; however, there are certain reasons that may be considered unlawful. If the termination was discriminatory, or if you were terminated for refusing to aid your employer conduct illegal activity, you may be able to challenge the termination with the help of a knowledgeable employment attorney who has experience in wrongful termination cases.

Have you Been Wrongfully Terminated?

You may have been wrongfully terminated if you were fired for discriminatory reasons. Employers cannot legally fire employees because of their race, sex, national origin, religious beliefs, age, disability, participation in the military, pregnancy, or other protected status.

Likewise, if you were terminated following a report of harassment, discrimination, or for filing a claim under the Worker’s Compensation Act, it may be a sign of retaliation.

Finally, regardless of your at-will status, you cannot legally be asked of your employer to do something illegal or facilitate your employer’s ability to conduct illegal activity. Both state and federal laws protect employees who have been terminated based on discrimination or retaliation for exercising their worker’s rights.

At Bertini Law, we have worked with many people like you who have concerns about their wrongful termination case. We understand that it is never easy to take legal action against your employer. Our compassionate attorneys are available to help you fight for the justice you deserve. If you believe you have been wrongfully terminated in Virginia Beach, speak with an experienced employment attorney today. Attorney Lisa A. Bertini works diligently to protect the rights of workers in Virginia. Schedule a consultation online or call (757) 222-9165 today.

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