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A place of work is a place where employees should be allowed to conduct their responsibilities in a productive and welcoming environment, yet many employees struggle at the receiving end of harassment due to their race, sex, or other protected class status. Despite federal and state protections in Virginia Beach, workplace harassment is a persisting problem. If you believe that you are targeted for harassment due to your age, sex, race, gender, pregnancy, religion, disability or other factors, you may seek restitution through a knowledgeable workplace harassment lawyer in Virginia Beach.

Defining Workplace Harassment

Not every unpleasant interaction that occurs in a place of work can be considered harassment.  The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission defines harassment as “unwelcome conduct based on race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability or genetic information.” In addition, laws designed to protect workers against workplace harassment include protections for employees who have filed discrimination charges against their employers, or are currently participating in EEOC investigations or proceedings.

Hostile Work Environment

Harassment may become illegal when an employee is expected to endure it as part of the job. If you raise your concerns to your employer and they do nothing to combat the issue, they may be complicit in the harassment that has shaped a hostile work environment. These cases can be complicated and emotionally trying to pursue. You don’t have to pull through alone; our hostile work environment attorneys in Virginia Beach are ready to discuss your case.

A hostile work environment is created when harassing conduct reaches a level of such strong oppression that any reasonable person would feel not just unwelcome, but offended or intimidated by it. Such conduct may include verbally offensive comments such as jokes, slurs, name calling, threats of physical assault, ridicule, insults, and other behaviors. The harasser can be anyone the victim interacts with at work, from a coworker to the victim’s superior. Even a non-employee who is frequently at the place of business can be liable for harassment.

Everybody deserves to be treated with dignity and respect. At Bertini Law, we understand the hardships associated with taking legal action against your employer for harassment, which is why we treat each case with the attention and compassion it deserves. Our attorneys have ample experience working on both sides of the law — both upholding the rights of employees like you and working with a variety of companies to execute exemplary human relations practices. Call (757) 222-9165 to discuss your harassment case with a knowledgeable attorney in Virginia Beach and surrounding areas.

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