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The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) went into effect in 1990 to protect people with disabilities from discrimination-based practices. This federal law aims to ensure workers throughout the country who have disabilities, or are perceived to have disabilities, are treated fairly in all areas of public life, including in finding and keeping a job. It requires employers to provide reasonable accommodations to qualified employees with disabilities in order to perform their job responsibilities.

While many workers with disabilities have thrived due to the ADA and state protections, discrimination against people with disabilities in the workplace is still a prevalent issue. If you believe that you have been discriminated against due to a disability or association with someone who has a disability, speak with a Virginia Beach disability discrimination attorney.

Protecting Workers with Disabilities

Title I of the ADA describes protections for “qualified individuals with disabilities” who are employed or would like to become employed. This section specifically helps people with disabilities have access to the same job opportunities and benefits open to everyone else. Both current employees and job applicants have the right to equal employment practices.

Legally, a current or prospective employer cannot turn you away for a job, raise, promotion, benefits, training, or other job opportunity due to a disability or perceived disability. Still, many workers may experience certain hardships at work due to their disability. This can include termination or demotion after revealing a disability. Another form of disability discrimination may be exemplified by an employer retaliating against a worker with a disability. Even an employer who simply refuses to provide reasonable accommodations to employees with disabilities may be acting unlawfully.

Under the American with Disabilities act, all employers with fifteen or more employees must comply with this law and provide reasonable accommodations for employees to be able to apply for a job or perform their job duties, so long as these accommodations to not cause undue hardship. The law also protects individuals associated with persons with disabilities.

Much progress has been made in helping Americans with disabilities become a vital part of the workforce. However, there is still much work to be done. At Bertini Law, we understand the hardships you may face in the event you decide to take action against your employer. We have helped many individuals with disabilities work out favorable solutions. Likewise, we have assisted many companies in implementing equitable human relations policies.  If you are prepared to stand up for your rights, we look forward to discussing your disability discrimination case in Virginia Beach. Call (757) 222-9125 or contact us to take the next step for justice.

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