• Skip

    Thank you for the expert consultation, Ms. Bertini. Although the news wasn't what we had hoped for, we respect and appreciate your expert judgement. But most importantly, we felt heard... and believed. That alone was worth the cost of a consult. I'd give six stars if that was an option.

  • anonymous

    Lisa was able to help me negotiate a severance agreement after being laid off 7 months pregnant. I would not have gotten the amount I was awarded if not for her help. She was great and always available for any questions I had. Would highly recommend retaining her services!

  • anonymous

    Lisa and her team were responsive, professional, compassionate and lead with integrity. They were also confident, dependable and provided my family and I with the piece of mind during our case which was a scary and trying time for us. They gave us the courage to do what was right and provided the support and validation of good ethics. We are very grateful for all the hard work on our case and wish Lisa and her team much success. If you need an employment firm, this is the one to hire!

  • anonymous

    What makes Ms. Bertini stand out to me, as an attorney, is that not only does she have a clear understanding of the complex subject of employment law, but she is also honest and direct! She listened to my story, with the empathetic ear of a social worker/therapist, and then gave me clear-cut and sound advice, that only someone with her background and understanding of employment law could do! I would highly recommend her.

  • anonymous

    Mrs. Bertini was very knowledgable and sensitive to my needs. She is pleasant and I am very glad I sought her council.

  • anonymous

    Detail oriented, friendly, very responsive to questions and emails. Helpful. Vast knowledge base in medical contracts.

  • Kelly

    I met with Lisa feeling very overwhelmed about an extremely bad work environment. As I was explaining my situation to her I felt completely relieved. She reassured me that it was all going to be okay and that I did not ask to be put in this situation. Although due to not reporting the incident sooner, we could not take legal action. Shortly after my consultation with Lisa she sent me an email giving me strong advice on how to proceed with the matter. After pondering over the advice for a few days, I decided to take action. Thank you Lisa for giving me the advice and strength to resolve this situation once and for all! I highly recommend Lisa Bertini and her Law Firm.

  • anonymous

    Lisa and team were brilliant, diligent, and sensitive regarding the urgency of my employment matter. I was pleasantly surprised at how responsive they were to ALL of my inquiries, and the pleasant nature of our interactions. I would not hesitate to consult them again should I find myself in similar unfortunate circumstances. I highly recommend Lisa and her remarkable team!

  • anonymous

    Ms. Bertini and her office were extremely helpful and accommodating for a timely request to review a non-compete, non-solicitation agreement. The friendly and professional front office and paralegal staff worked promptly with me to get a same day consultation scheduled with Ms. Bertini. Once on the call with Ms. Bertini, she really took the time to understand the context surrounding my circumstances and walked through my document in its entirety with me, citing historical cases and providing additional comments to help me better understand. She answered all questions I had and provided examples to help clarify. Ms. Bertini is a straight shooter, though incredibly easy to talk to, friendly, and made reviewing a legal document as enjoyable as possible. If you're looking for some to help you truly understand employment law in the context of your situation and arm you with knowledge, I highly recommend her services. I was very impressed with her, as well as her staff, so much so that I continue to use her consulting services on an as needed basis.

  • doglady

    I needed three things when I saw Ms. Bertini for a consultation; clarity, guidance and peace of mind. I not only received all three of those very quickly, I met with an amazing woman that is a willing and eager listener. She helped push my confidence back into high gear. Her expert knowledge shines through the easy straightforwardness and I followed her excellent advice immediately. From the time of my initial phone call, Ms. Bertini's team showed impeccable efficiency, understanding and courtesy. They are truly top notch. I would not hesitate to recommend her and will unequivocally contact her in the future should the need arise.

  • Brian

    Lisa represented a non-compete case for my family and I. She and her staff are extremely attentive & passionate for their clients. What I love the most about Lisa is that she will give you feedback and set realistic expectations. Over the course of the past few months, I felt that I was able to develop a great relationship with the staff, and they were always able to put me at ease. The litigation process is hard to endure, especially when you have not been through it before. Lisa worked extremely hard to anticipate & prepare me for what was to come... I should also mention that she is charming too!

  • HM

    If I could give more than 5 stars I would! Lisa by far is the best decision I made when it came to hiring an attorney for my case. She was so responsive & really cared about me & my case. She was always upfront about all the legal costs, would prepare me for any bad news that was coming & she worked her butt off too. If you are EVER involved in non-compete battle with a former company then call Lisa!!

  • Bill

    In my 45 years hiring and utilizing lawyers for business and personal needs, Lisa is by far the best lawyer I have ever encountered, "bar" none. I would hired Lisa again under any circumstances whether it was in her field of expertise on not.

  • Andrea

    Ms. Bertini was very informative, professional and caring during my consultation. She gave me a lot of great ideas and information for my appeal.

  • Alan

    Lisa was hired at the very last minute and jumped to the rescue. Best decision I ever made. Helped resolve my issue in a very timely manner. She went over and above the call of duty to get things done with little or no time to do them. Her efforts and results were very much appreciated ! Staff was outstanding too. Extremely professional and helpful in all manners.

  • anonymous

    Lisa Ann Bertini is an incredibly talented, intelligent, and compassionate counselor for her clients. She quickly assessed and processed the information I presented and came up with a game plan moving forward that best served my objectives with my former employer. She understood my perspective and did not pass judgment on any information presented. She clearly and concisely pursued our goals in communiques with my former employer and got us the outcome we had hoped for. I would highly recommend Lisa Ann Bertini moving forward to all family, friends and acquaintances. She is a phenomenal attorney.

  • anonymous

    Hired Lisa Bertini for a Employment matter. Lisa and her team communicated with me every step of the way. Lisa heard my concerns and they were addressed and came up with a game plan to ensure a successful litigation. I'm extremely happy that I had hired her. I feel that her team went above and beyond and Iwould 100% recommend her.

  • D.

    Lisa Bertini and her colleague Darius Rohani-Shukla were nothing short of phenomenal. Discrimination and harassment is very difficult to prove. Even if you have things in writing like I did, what is actionable under Virginia law seems biased in the favor of the employer but that is just my opinion. Before I retained the Bertini Firm, I did a lot of research and I read a lot of reviews. Almost all of Ms. Bertini's reviews were positive but there were a couple of negative ones to which Ms. Bertini herself promptly responded to each one, which really impressed me. The initial consultation fee was $350, and IT WAS THE BEST $350 I EVER SPENT. Ms. Bertini is very busy and in demand, and she is not pressed about your $350 believe me, so if you are looking for a free consultation this is not the place for you. I believe you get what you pay for. I was feeling defeated and anxious when I walked into that initial meeting. I hadn't been sleeping and the stress of my horrible work situation was taking a serious toll on me. We were not 100% sure that I had an actionable case but Ms. Bertini was appalled by what happened to me and agreed to take it anyway knowing it would be an uphill battle. When I left that initial meeting, I felt as though a weight had been lifted from my shoulders, and that I had someone who would fight for me. For the first time in three months, I had a restful night's sleep after leaving her office. To make a long story short, my employer lied and my case was not actionable under the law; we learned this about a month into the process. Instead of just throwing in the towel, Ms. Bertini and Mr. Rohani-Shukla fought for me like I was a million dollar client, and they got me a settlement. I am 100% sure that without Lisa Bertini and her associate, I would have ended up with nothing. The process took several months, and I don't care how many questions I had Lisa and Darius never took more than a couple of hours to respond to me. They were always honest and Lisa is very frank at all times, which I appreciate but some people may think it is abrasive. I will say, Lisa is not going to coddle you 24-7, I do not believe she is the "coddle" type when it comes to work, again just my opinion. She has an amazing, attentive staff if you need that. She is focused, results oriented and a straight up Beast who you want on your team if she agrees to take your case. She is tough but please do not perceived her frankness as uncaring; Lisa goes hard for clients and she is protective and caring. I know for a fact that it cost the Bertini firm more to fight my case then what I received so they did not make any money off of me but it never stopped how hard they worked for me. I recommend Lisa Bertini, Darius and the Bertini Firm because they are the best at what they do, they are hardworking no matter what and because they care about their clients. The paralegals, the office manager and the receptionist at the Bertini firm are all exceptional, truly a cut above the rest and I will be eternally grateful. If you are looking for an experienced attorney who is the best at what they do and who will always look out for your best interest, it gets no better that Lisa Bertini....."The meat cutter's daughter".

  • Stephen

    I thank you and your firm! For the way that you handled my case and treated me with dignity and respect, I would recommend this firm in a heartbeat, once again thank you all, God bless! Stephen C Wanton.

  • Paul

    I met with Lisa and hired her that first day. It was a difficult case against a very difficult publicity traded company with deep pockets. And fought hard to get me what I needed. She was up against a very difficult wall At the end I was pleased with what she did.Definitely I would recommend her and her firm.

  • Tracey

    I needed professional, and educated information about an ongoing situation at my place of employment. Sitting with Lisa was like sitting at your dining room table with your favorite cousin. Who just happens to be a Fantastic Employment Lawyer; giving you the best advice on how to legally handle a bully with false accusations at work. I left her office empowered and confident with her advice. Note: this is the first review in my 50 plus years, good or bad. I have ever written. Truly Tracey

  • Jim

    I never had the need to hire a lawyer, so on a friends recommended I went in for a consultation with Ms. Bertini on a work place dispute. Ms. Bertini and her staff made me feel comfortable right from the beginning. Ms. Bertini was very straight forward, she listened to what my problems were, asked me questions to further understand my situation then she asked me what I wanted to accomplish out of this situation. Once we finished that portion she explained my options and how things would work. I was impressed with her knowledge and how she appeared to identify with me and my situation. I felt like I had a friend who was there to help me and there was never a hesitation to hire her to take my case. Once the proceedings began, there was no doubt I was in great hands. She interjected when needed and empowered me to be confident while making my points, but kept me on point, giving me a subtle indication when my point was made. I know all situations are different, but Ms. Bertini was the smartest person in the room and she was not going to accept any resolution that wasn’t in my best interest. I hope I never have the need to hire a lawyer again, but if I do Ms. Bertini will be the first I call, and will recommend her to anyone who needs help.

  • anonymous

    She was down to earth, and very Knowledgeable. However, a simple review of the intake paperwork And a phone call stating, “unless it is racial or discriminatory, you have No Case”, would have been a better Customer Service Experience. Your already down , and then to have to pay $330 fee for her Consultation was a kicker. Charge for the cases your Hired for because You know you will make your money and your Client will to.

  • Tracy

    Lisa was very knowledgeable and helpful in my case. She was direct and helped me through the process.

  • anonymous

    I went in and sat down with Ms. Lisa and she explained everything in detail. She explained the different options, and the best option for me. She didnt sugar coat or try to weasel a bunch of money out of me. She cares about the person she is working with and it shows! I would highly recommend her if you want honest answers!

  • Dennis

    Initially consulted with Ms. Bertini and based on her assessment of the severance agreement as well as my professional history felt there was more her firm could do to support me. With that in mind I hired Ms. Bertini. Ms. Bertini was very firm but professional and incredibly diligent at following up, collaborating negotiating with my employer and I. The results were more that I thought was going to be possible and for that I am very grateful and would recommend Ms. Bertini and her form for anyone that needs help.

  • Derek

    My name is Derek, I have been discriminated against my sexuality at work for many years even at the shipyard but I never done anything about it I just stayed quiet now I work for Medicaid transportation and it's discrimination everywhere against my sexuality, when I call them on what they're doing they'll make me look like the bad guy even if I come to work faithfully, I just made a call to her and left my number I'm hoping that they'll return my call because enough is enough please call me 30 years is to much

  • Edward

    I hired Ms. Bertini to represent me in a grievance I filed against my employer. She reviewed all the documentation I provided and carefully interviewed me to understand what my objectives were. Ms. Bertini recommended a best course of action and explained to me why it was so based on her experience and knowledge of Virginia and Federal employment laws as well as case studies. She provided me clear explanations and leveled my expectations. Her interactions with my employer and their legal team were always highly professional and to the point. She definitely got things moving in my situation when my employer seemed to be stonewalling. I was always informed of every action she took as well as all communications with my employer. Ms. Bertini is very personable, polite, caring and understanding. She is very easy to work with, extremely knowledgeable in her field of law and a 'tiger' of an advocate for her clients! I found her rates to be competitive and reasonable. I highly recommend her services to anyone who has employment issues to deal with. If ever I find myself in a similar situation again, I will most certainly retain her services!

  • Donald

    When individuals or families seek legal counsel or representation, so often life has presented them with a whirlwind of issues they weren’t planning or prepared to face. In those times it’s important to find someone that will make you a priority while doing all they can to make life a little less stressful. When I needed her most, Lisa was there. Lisa went the extra mile to make sure my legal needs were of the highest priority. She was super responsive and constantly looking out for my best interest. Lisa provided peace for family in the midst of a storm. I wouldn't hesitate to rehire or recommend her to anyone facing an employment issue. She’s the best and I’m thankful she was there when I needed her most.

  • Carter

    Best experience with an attorney I could ever wish for. Lisa was professional, no nonsense and I knew she wanted the best for me. She was respectful of my wishes and made me feel comfortable with all the choices I made. I would ( and have) recommend her to anyone needing her specific services, she is fantastic!

  • Zenesha

    I recently hired Lisa Bertini and I was very impressed with her and her staff. The consultation was refreshing; she made me feel comfortable. More importantly, I felt like she was on my side. Lisa’s direct communication style made it easy for me to grasp the direction that she provided. I fully understood the next steps and my role in the process.Lisa was approachable and down to earth. Her accessibility was also impressive; she responded to emails immediately! Lisa is a confident woman who knows her craft. My experience matched all of the things that I researched and read online. My experience with Lisa Bertini was enjoyable and I would recommend her to others.

  • Melanie

    Lisa and her staff were a pleasure to work with from initial contact through resolution. I was referred by another attorney and was impressed by her awards and recognitions. When I met with her, I was even more impressed because of her humanity. It was clear Lisa knows employment law from every angle and I was thrilled to find a professional who quickly understood my situation. Legal issues can be disheartening, but she restored my faith and confidence in myself.She quickly went to work on my behalf and was immediately responsive to questions and she persisted to reach a solution that was agreeable. After living a miserable situation for many months, her actions made it possible for me to put it behind me and move on. I recommend Lisa most highly and I am grateful to have met her.

  • Dee Dee

    I encountered a professional contract dispute with a former employer who was refusing to respond to calls, email or certified letter. After internet reviews and referrals from 2 other attorneys who have handled other matters for my family, I consulted and hired Lisa Bertini. She felt I had a valid issue and she expected quick resolution. Within 3 weeks, we had a settlement agreement even with Ms Bertini having a scheduled vacation. Her partner, Darius Rohani-Shukla, who assisted with my unemployment hearing and paralegal Selena Misco, were also most helpful. I highly recommend this practice .

  • anonymous

    Ms. Bertini was very accommodating and available when I needed time sensitive information regarding my contract and departure from my previous employer. She was efficient, kind and supportive. She also was available conveniently by phone or email. I was very satisfied with the outcome of my case.

  • Kevin

    Lisa is a consummate professional. I brought an issue to her and she accurately assessed the situation and set out a course of action that fully met my expectations. As a result of her exceptional understanding of the law, and her status, my issue was swiftly resolved to my complete satisfaction. Do not hesitate to contact Lisa. She receives my strongest recommendation.

  • anonymous

    I retained Lisa to negotiate a complex termination agreement with my former employer -- a large and well financed organization that was being represented by in-house counsel and one of the Top 10 employment law firms in the United States. In just three months, Lisa successfully secured me a multiple six figure settlement agreement that was 3-4 times larger than my former employer's original offer. I was very proud to have her on my side throughout the process.My circumstances were somewhat unique because I live over 100+ miles from Virginia Beach (where Bertini law is based). Despite never meeting Lisa face-to-face, I found her to be an incredibly competent, warm, and direct communicator in all of my telephone and email correspondence on my case. She gave me the individualized attention one would expect from a smaller practice and steered me with the type of legal expertise/advice one would expect from a much larger firm. In my opinion, the quality of your counsel's reputation probably determines more about the ultimate outcome of your case than any other factor. Lisa has a reputation for success ... and her clients benefit immediately when her opponents learn that she has taken your case. This was confirmed to me by a partner at one of Virginia's largest legal firms...she is a known quantity and professionally respected in Virginia's most prestigious legal circles.As a result, Lisa has earned the enviable position where she can be selective about the cases she takes on -- so that she can spend her time where both she and her client's success is highly probable. I will also say that while Lisa was always available when I needed her (I don't know how she finds the time), she handled my case very efficiently (i.e. didn't bill me for unnecessary hours). Lisa is results oriented and guided me with integrity so that I got the best ROI from her legal services. Her services were a considerable value to me.I strongly recommend Lisa to anyone considering the services of an employment attorney in the state of Virginia. I am thankful she took my case and hope others will benefit from this recommendation.

  • JJ

    Executive level employment situation. New Board of Directors coupled with personnel issues. Ms. Bertini's advice and counsel enabled me to see what was possible, what was probable and what was not possible. We were able to make informed decisions together. The outcome was better, much better than expected. Her reputation and that of her firm resulted (in my opinion) to a respectful handling of a difficult matter with a resolution acceptable to all concerned. I hold Ms. Bertini and her colleagues in the highest regard. They additionally provided emotional reassurance during a very difficult transition and although they are not therapists, they could certainly have skills in that area.

  • anonymous

    I hired Ms. Bertini to review and advise me on a Separation agreement contract. I was extremely impressed with her timely response and recommendations. It was clear she was very knowledgeable in "Employment Law". She consistently followed up and followed through with the company I was negotiating with and offered great advice on the steps I should take. At the conclusion of her services, I was pleased with the final separation agreement and felt that she did an outstanding job advocating for me. She is outstanding!!

  • David

    Lisa Bertini is a very thorough and thoughtful Lawyer. She took the time to examine all of my documents. She then was great at walking me thru each and everyone of them, so that I would understood and that I really appreciated. I would recommend her to anyone that is concerned or challenged in their employment, separation or just making sure everything is legal and just right.

  • Archie

    Lisa, was an absolute pleasure to work with along with her staff. She is a fantastic lawyer who keeps things on track and kept me on track to finish the process of a labor dispute. She was honest about the possibilities or avenues of pursuit for the case and ended up with very fair settlement. I would highly recommend her for any employment or contract issues you may have

  • Dale

    I needed Ms. Bertini to review an employment contract to ensure I was protected. Ms. Bertini met with me and carefully went through the entire contract, noting areas of concern and suggesting alternative language. She also explained the law behind the contract to help me understand my rights. She was candid about what the law did and did not allow for, which I very much appreciated.The entire experience was professional and personal. She answered all of my questions systematically and took the time to explain the law in a non-technical way that I could understand. Ms. Bertini's command of the law put me at ease over my situation. It was clear to me that her goal was to help me first and foremost, not to acquire a fee for her services. I would highly recommend her.

  • anonymous

    Lisa saw the situation with clarity and insight. She pursued my interests relentlessly until we received an appropriate response.

  • Janice

    Ms. Lisa Ann Bertini was recommended to me by a friend for her outstanding work in employment and labor. She reviewed a separation agreement from my former employer. During our consultation Lisa listened, asked questions and was very compassionate about my situation. Based on her advice I sent a response to HR - However they did not respond. I contacted Lisa again and her followup to my former employer not only prompted a response but a favorable resolution. Lisa is truly a "Rock Star" in my book. I would highly recommend her to anyone that finds themselves in such a situation as mine.

  • anonymous

    Originally I had a consultation and ended up needing to use Lisa's services. She was wonderful to work with and genuinely seemed concerned about my situation. I didn't feel like I was there as "just another client". She explained things so they made sense and was timely on all responses. I'd gladly recommend her to anyone!

  • anonymous

    Lisa brought extensive experience to the issue we were facing and efficiently designed a plan to collect the facts. We were able to proceed with confidence and the outcome was fairly based upon facts vs testimony.

  • anonymous

    Two Hampton Roads corporate attorney friends of mine highly recommended Lisa. I was immediately impressed with her ability to listen...empathetic to the obvious & intelligent on the big picture. She challenged me to ensure I knew what I was going up against and educated me on the entire process. Every time there was a response or concern from my past employer's counsel, she immediately notified me. I was involved every step of the way and provided detailed documentation of the matter, so that she had the ammunition required to stand up for what is right. Her staff was attentive, efficient, thorough, and paid attention to every tiny detail, to ensure each moment of negotiation was presented with perfection. The entire process took 11 weeks and would have been quicker, however there were delays on the other party's behalf. Lisa held my past employer accountable for their responsibilities regarding MY rights as their employee. My past employer's General Counsel told me if for some reason he would ever be looking for a job, he would immediately connect with Lisa. He went on further to apologize for the situation at hand and told me he was glad I had hired Lisa from the day she contacted him, as he knew she was a straight-shooter, would be complimentary to work through this predicament, and would ensure I would be treated fairly. In conclusion, I was respected by Lisa, validated by my ex-employer, amicably received every negotiation I requested and needed, and now have Lisa as a trusted, professional friend.

  • Mara

    I found Lisa Bertini and her staff to be professional and welcoming. I had many questions and Ms. Bertini was very patient with me. We had an added challenge as we were under Covid-19 restrictions! Ms. Bertini and her staff were quick to respond to my emails and phone calls. I was treated fairly and with kind consideration. I recommend her highly.

  • Keith

    It is difficult to describe how valuable Lisa's work has been to our company of 330 employees. She is always quick to respond, actually surprisingly quick, regardless of the day or night. She is extremely knowledgeable of the HR laws and issues that can cause even a good company significant problems and sleepless night , especially considering how quickly those laws are changing. Her recent guidance through the uncharted waters of Covid related laws and compliance requirements have been valuable beyond estimate. We have been very fortunate to have Lisa's guidance during these most critical times.

  • Ashley

    I cannot say enough great things about Lisa and the staff at Bertini Law. I could not be more proud to have had her as my lawyer. She was transparent, strong and the best advocate I could have asked for. Highly recommended.

  • Tonya Murphy

    I will be he first to review in that she is the MOST AMAZING woman I HAVE EVER MET.

  • Al Richards

    The legal team here is an amazing group of hardworking individuals. Lisa and Andrea, as well as all her staff devoted a substantial amount of time and effort in our case.They went above and beyond to present the most concise and accurate legal brief to support our case. I would highly recommend Bertini Law group to anyone needing there legal expertise.

  • Shannon Hunter

    Ms.Bertini and her legal staff were very supportive throughout my settlement . They persistently informed me on the status of my claim by phone and email. If I had any questions they were answered promptly that day. Ms. Bertini kept it straight forward and honest on all aspects of my claim, and was on top of the other side making things happen in a timely manner. Thank you Bertini law firm for doing your job in a professional and aggressive manner , with a successfull outcome of justice. One of the most efficient lawyers I've gladly conducted serious matters with.

  • Zoe S.

    She is a wonderful attorney and person.

  • Michelle Murphy

    terez middleton, Lisa and Andrea are excellent lawyers. They are smart and educated therefore perhaps due to circumstantial situations and or evidence perhaps was not sufficient . I despise anyone who bashes Lisa. They change the world. How about you " BE the change you wish to see in the world such as LISA BERTINI" instead of bad mouthing A creditable lawyers. They have NO IDEA I am writing this; I suggest you jump off a bridge if you are to bad mouth good people whom make a difference in the world. MURPHY

  • D Day

  • Ms. Bertini is a tireless fighter for justice, an incredible lawyer, and an even better person.

  • Greg Turpin

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