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Employees across all industries deserve a work environment in which they can feel respected, comfortable, and safe. A work environment should be one that is conducive to productivity and inclusion and employees should be fairly compensated for their contributions. Unfortunately, while federal and state laws work to protect employees from receiving unfair treatment at work, many workers face discrimination in the workplace. At Bertini Law, we work to challenge unlawful employment practices in Portsmouth, including discrimination in the workplace.

Discrimination is the unfair treatment of another based on several protected factors such as sex or gender identity, age, religious beliefs, nationality or ancestry, citizenship status, military involvement, physical or mental disability, or pregnancy status. If you believe that you are being targeted for discrimination at work, you may choose to align yourself with a Portsmouth employment attorney to help you stand up for your rights.

With years of experience practicing employment law in the Portsmouth area, attorneys at Bertini Law have handled a variety of cases, including harassment, discrimination, unpaid overtime, non-compete agreements, breach of contract, wrongful termination, unemployment appeals, employee privacy rights, and others. We understand the hardships associated with discrimination, sexual harassment, unequal pay, having benefits withheld, and other issues that can not only make you feel undervalued at work, but also have real, negative impacts on your personal life. We work hard to protect your rights at each step and make your best interests our top priority.

Whether you have faced unwanted sexual advances, have been denied opportunities for advancement, or have yet to be paid overtime wages, you deserve to be treated respectfully and lawfully by your employer. There are laws in place to protect you from unfair treatment, such as the Equal Pay Act and The Civil Rights Act of 1964. The Age Discrimination in Employment Act also serves to protect employees over 40 who may be treated unfairly in the workplace.

If you feel as though you have been illegally discriminated against in the workplace, do not hesitate to build your case against your employer. The sooner you align yourself with a Portsmouth employment attorney, the better your chances are of receiving a successful outcome. We can help you dilute or put an end to unfair treatment. Serving Portsmouth, Virginia and surrounding areas, we are dedicated to providing strong representation for those who have suffered at the hands of unlawful employment practices. Call (727) 222-9165 for a legal consultation to discuss your case.

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