Norfolk Workplace Harassment

Workers in the United States hold basic employee rights that work to protect them from discrimination and harassment in the workplace. A place of work is expected to be one where employees can freely conduct their responsibilities without the fear or expectation of harassment due to their race, sex, disability, age, or other protected factor; yet despite federal and state protections, workers in Norfolk may continue to face harassment on the job.

Harassment can occur in various ways, but generally the term refers to unwelcome behavior that targets a person’s race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability, or genetic information. Sexual harassment is a particular type of harassment that involves unwanted sexual attention from coworkers, managers, or supervisors. If you believe that your job performance is suffering due to unlawful harassment, you may benefit from discussing your case with a Norfolk workplace harassment lawyer.

Norfolk Sexual Harassment Attorney

Sexual harassment can be a devastating problem for both men and women in the workplace; statistically, women are the majority of victims in sexual harassment cases. Employees who are targeted for sexual harassment may be treated equally in every other respect as far as being equally paid, considered for promotion or receiving benefits; yet sexual harassment at work is a type of sex discrimination that creates a hostile work environment. From persistent offensive verbal banter to inappropriate physical contact, this type of harassment can have drastic consequences for an employee’s job performance and psychological health.

Can I Sue My Employer for Harassment?

When the harassment grows so strong that it creates a hostile work environment, it becomes illegal. If you are expected to put up with harassment as part of your job, and no efforts are made to improve employee relations, it may be possible to take legal action against your employer. A hostile work environment is one in which any reasonable employee would feel intimidated and unwelcome. Over time, these environments can be significantly damaging.

If you are considering taking legal action against your employer for harassment in Norfolk, you may fear retaliation. At Bertini Law, we have helped dozens of employees like you understand your rights as an employee and have achieved successful outcomes over the years. We have also worked with a multitude of companies on establishing inclusive human relations. This experience is an invaluable asset to building your case, as we know what to expect from the other side. While it may be a difficult decision to make, our compassionate attorneys are here for you to discuss your harassment case in Virginia Beach and surrounding areas. Contact us today or call (757) 222-9165.

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