Stressed Harassed WomanUnfortunately, many Americans face some form of workplace injustice. What may start out as a minor annoyance or inconvenience may spiral into illegal conduct if issues are not properly addressed. What’s more? Many employers may not take employee concerns regarding harassment or discrimination seriously and may not take action. This can lead to employees choosing to pursue legal action to uphold their rights.

All employees have rights on-the-job. If one has been harassed, discriminated against, injured, or even wrongfully terminated, one retains the right to consult with an employment lawyer to discuss his or her case. Below, we reveal the top four most common workplace lawsuits.

#1 Discrimination

The United States of America is a country founded by immigrants that promotes the inclusion of different cultures, races, religions and backgrounds; yet recent data released by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission shows that 34.7% of all charges filed were due to racial discrimination. Over 30% of charges were for disability discrimination, and nearly 30% were due to sex discrimination. The majority of discrimination charges filed were for workplace retaliation, making up 45% of all private sector charges filed.

#2 Harassment

Harassment on the job is a sub-type of discrimination. Harassment is illegal when the person harassed is singled out due to his or her race, gender, sex, disability, national origin or other protected factor. Sexual harassment is particularly prevalent: over 12,500 cases were filed in 2015. Victims of harassment, whether or not the harassment is sexual in nature, reserve the right to pursue legal action against their employer with the help of a workplace discrimination lawyer.

#3 Wrongful Termination

It is not uncommon for employers to retaliate against employees by firing them for pursuing legal action through a workplace discrimination attorney. What many may not realize, however, is that federal and state laws protect employees from this exact type of discrimination. Even if an employee has taken action to address illegal practices in the workplace, that employee retains his workplace rights!

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