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Everyone deserves a place of work in which they are treated respectfully and fairly by their coworkers, managers, and those with whom they do business. Your workplace is where you should feel free to do your job and be productive, without fear that you will be targeted for harassment for personal characteristics like race, sex, disability, or age. While you would like to be treated with the same dignity as you treat others, you would not be alone in feeling that you are being harassed at work. Fortunately, U.S. employees are protected from harassment by a network of state and federal laws.

Many workers throughout the country experience harassment at work. Several actions can be classified as harassment, which is generally considered to be very unpleasant and unwelcome attention that leads to feelings of extreme discomfort and creates a hostile environment. Harassment can instill feelings of worthlessness and insecurity, and cause employees to question their abilities or their jobs. Workplace harassment that targets a person’s race, religion, culture, age, genetics, or disability is an illegal method of discrimination. If you believe you are facing harassment at work in Chesapeake, you may have rights to guard you against this type of behavior.

Chesapeake Sexual Harassment Lawyer

Sexual harassment is a specific type of harassment that manifests itself in unwanted sexual attention. Although statistically women have raised the most sexual harassment complaints, either sex can be the recipient of inappropriate sexual harassment and can suffer psychological repercussions over time.

Sexual harassment causes real damage to victims. Those who experience sexual harassment may have a tougher time making the decision to raise concerns to their boss, human resources department, or anyone else who may be in charge. Victims of sexual harassment are often treated exactly the same in every other respect, such as pay, promotion, and eligibility for benefits. The unwanted sexual attention can come from derogatory verbal comments or inappropriate touching. In time, the workplace is no longer perceived as a safe environment and both job performance and overall health may suffer.

Take Action

If your job is no longer a place where you feel comfortable doing your work because of the persistent, negative, and discriminatory attention received from harassment, it may have become a hostile work environment. If you have spoken to management about the problem and your voice has been ignored, there are options you can explore to stand up for your rights. With the help of a Chesapeake workplace harassment attorney, it may be possible to take legal action and work toward positive changes.

At Bertini Law, our compassionate workplace harassment attorneys know just how hard it can be to pursue legal action against your own employer. Attorney Lisa A. Bertini has dedicated several years to standing up for the rights of workers just like you. We also assist businesses in establishing inclusive human relations policies. Rest assured that we will do everything we can to resolve your case. Call (757) 222-9165 to schedule a consultation or contact us to speak with a knowledgeable workplace harassment attorney.

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